Saturday, June 30, 2012

My 1st Attempt at Preserving

This is one thing that I've always wanted to try and . . . I finally did!  I saw a beginner kit at my local grocery store that included 3 jars, a plastic rack and instruction booklet where they gave you about 10 different recipes to try.  Since it was only $10 and was something that I could process in one of my own stockpots, I figured I had nothing to lose.  I chose Apple Butter as my first recipe and now I'm hooked!  It's delicous!  Now my mind is reeling with all kinds of things that I want to can and preserve.

I was so tickled at the way this turned out.  I decorated the jars with labels and tags that I created in Photoshop Elements. 

I even found a small spot on the side of the jar for listing the ingredients and expiration date.

I think it turned out adorable!  With my first attempt at preserving complete, I'm ready to try something else.  Since the boys really like their Salsa, I think that's what I'll try next!

Thanks for stopping by!


Spring Garden

Slowly, I've been going through and cropping and sorting through the photos I took of my Spring garden.  I put together a digital collage of my faves for you . . .

The Spring garden was wonderful this year!  That's because last Fall, I actually ordered bulbs and planted them.  We moved into this house just over 8 years ago now and I've been working on creating a garden ever since.  Usually by mid- summer, I was too worn out to so working on any fall plantings just didn't happen.  The previous owners had left us with a small vegetable garden that was over-grown with weeds.  The rest of the backyard was all grass.

Within the first couple of years, we had dug a bed or two and had a pavered patio installed.  Each and every year, I would extend the garden space and it just keeps growing.  My hubby jokes that soon we won't have any grass at all!  Well . . . at least he has all the grass in the front of the house still.  Although . . . since the wall for the flower bed is falling down, I was hoping to tackle that project soon as well.  So I just might be taking more of his precious grass away again!  But, I think that's one project that can wait 'til next year!

I did plant some peonies too, but I didn't stake them well enough and the stems just cracked under the weight of the blooms.  So I cut them all the way down and put them in a bowl . . .

I thought they looked so beautiful and the smell was just heavenly!  Hopefully, I will have enough energy to plant some more bulbs and peonies again this Fall.  They are so worth the time and effort in creating a Happy Spring.

I hope you've enjoyed this little stroll in my garden.  Until next time . . .


Spring Heart Wreath

I made this wreath a couple of months back and just had to post a photo of it before I take it down.  I usually opt for a wreath that is round, but I love the way this heart one turned out.  Since its almost July, I've been wanting to make a new Summer themed one, but alas this one will have to remain for now unless I can find some time this weekend to make the new one.

Hope you like it!


Hello and . . .

. . .Welcome!

I'm starting this new blog to highlight all the fun and beautiful arts and craft items I make.  There has been many times that my husband would ask me where I got an item from.  My reply is usually a perplexed look at him and a "I got most of the parts from Michaels, of course, and put it together myself"  Then his reply to me is usually something like, "I thought you bought that ready made.  Looks like something I could find on a store shelf."

His reply makes me smile alot and encourages me to then go out and make something else!  Well . . . enough bragging about me and tooting my own horn.

I will also be including some of the many photographs that I take of my garden throughout the seasons.  The bulbs of Spring with their bright, cheery promise . . . the fragrant flowers and savory herbs that I grow in the Summer . . . the beautiful mums and brilliant colors that only Autumn can create as well and the interesting things I find in the dead of Winter with its freezing cold and piles of snow.  These are all the wonderful discoveries and sights I look forward to finding throughout the year in my garden.  And just this year, I decided to try growing a few select vegetables in containers so I hope to show off the "fruits of my labor" so to speak in that pursuit as well!

Finally, I hope to post some recipes of all those yummy appetizers and goodies that I cook up and bake in the kitchen.  I've recently been reading up about preserving and canning and will have the results of my first experience with that to show you as well!

My wish is that you find something here that is useful and enjoyable as well as inspiring!  Won't you join me?  Thanks for stopping by and please check back again with me here real soon!

Until next time,