Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Garden

My garden has just been bursting this Spring.  Here are just some of the wonders from the past few weeks . . .

This is the Lilac 'Beauty of Moscow'  It's about 3 years now that I've had it and it's just over 6' tall.  The flowers are profuse and smell heavenly!

These little darlings are Japenese Anemone and are scattered throughout the front and back yard and are just so cute!
These iris are from a clump that my MIL gave me a couple of years back.  I think I'll have to divide them again this year.  Not sure of the actual variety but they are hardy and stay upright nicely.
This is the yellow Baptista which I've had for several years now.  I divided this last year to put some in a different section of the yard and the new plants are looking great as well!
This is 'Snow in Summer' another one of my favorites with tiny white flowers and silvery foliage.  Even after the blooms are gone . . . the foliage still looks great.

'Amethyst Falls' wisteria hanging over the arbor now in its 3rd of 4th year. (Not really sure)  looks stunning and smells wonderful!
Finally, the peonies are getting ready to open!  I love cutting these and bringing them inside for fresh flowers in the kitchen!

Hope you like my little Spring display.  Be back again soon!