Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Easily I Get Distracted

Sometimes I just can't help myself.  I get so easily distracted and move on to something else from one day to the next.  I have been creating quite a bit actually.  I remembered my brother asked me to make him a Chicago flag (just like the one I made my hubby for Father's Day) so I started on that.  Then I remembered that I had a wonderful idea for the cover of my sketch book and I started to decoupage tissue paper to the cover of that.

Then I saw, once again, the 2 painting off in the corner of my studio that had been sitting there for who knows how long.  So of course I started to work on those as well.  Here are just a couple of the paintings I've been working on this past week.

First, is this beach scene which has gone through many changes and I'm sure will be going through some more as I'm still not completely happy with the water.

Next, is this smaller beach scene painted on a 12 x 12 canvas which was done as the first painting from Jacqueline Penney's Painting Charming Seaside Scenes in Acrylics.  It just needs a few finishing touches and I'm gonna call this one complete.
Finally, here is a painting that I call "Dreams of Provence" which I realized yesterday has been sitting for 5 years waiting to be finished.  I really love how it finally turned out!

Thanks for stopping by!