Thursday, July 2, 2015

Never was much for Drawing

Doodling was my thing when I was in school. I would fill the inside covers of every notebook I could with doodles and lettering, but when it came to art class I was terrified to even attempt to draw anything.  Drawing a face or flower was something I told myself that I just could not do and out of the question. From time to time, I try to art journal and even sometimes manage to get the acrylic paints out and put paint to canvas, but I've had 2 canvases sitting in my studio here that are both only partially done and have been that way for more than a year now. 

I remember watching a You Tube video recently with Janes Davenport and loved her style and the fascinating faces she created. I was so thrilled when I stumbled on a copy of her Drawing and Painting beautiful Faces at JoAnn yesterday that I just had to get it!  I have to say that I'm very pleased with the few little drawings that I've done so far . . . 

It amazes me that each drawing started with the same simple oval shape but how each one is so unique.  I'm definitely looking forward to drawing more beautiful Faces with Jane.

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