Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spring Garden

Slowly, I've been going through and cropping and sorting through the photos I took of my Spring garden.  I put together a digital collage of my faves for you . . .

The Spring garden was wonderful this year!  That's because last Fall, I actually ordered bulbs and planted them.  We moved into this house just over 8 years ago now and I've been working on creating a garden ever since.  Usually by mid- summer, I was too worn out to so working on any fall plantings just didn't happen.  The previous owners had left us with a small vegetable garden that was over-grown with weeds.  The rest of the backyard was all grass.

Within the first couple of years, we had dug a bed or two and had a pavered patio installed.  Each and every year, I would extend the garden space and it just keeps growing.  My hubby jokes that soon we won't have any grass at all!  Well . . . at least he has all the grass in the front of the house still.  Although . . . since the wall for the flower bed is falling down, I was hoping to tackle that project soon as well.  So I just might be taking more of his precious grass away again!  But, I think that's one project that can wait 'til next year!

I did plant some peonies too, but I didn't stake them well enough and the stems just cracked under the weight of the blooms.  So I cut them all the way down and put them in a bowl . . .

I thought they looked so beautiful and the smell was just heavenly!  Hopefully, I will have enough energy to plant some more bulbs and peonies again this Fall.  They are so worth the time and effort in creating a Happy Spring.

I hope you've enjoyed this little stroll in my garden.  Until next time . . .


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